“I Don’t Hate Dentists” CampaignMar 17 2020

We hear it all the time, “Dentists are scary”, “Dentists are the worst, “ or, “ I hate dentists”. While it really unfortunate that many people have had less-than- great run- ins at dentists’ office, imagine hearing that about your occupation day in and day out? It makes it really awkward for the doctors and staff when you say you hate them…\ Here are some things that we try to do to make your appointment and overall experience better and you can help us with:\

  1. We reassure our patients. Our dentist and staff want you to be comfortable and at ease. We want to know where you are coming from, so be open with us.\
  2. Along with that, tell us about your previous experiences with other dentists. We want to know if you had a bad time with a certain thing, so we don’t do that with you specially and help you feel listened too.\
  3. Tell us about your good experiences too! We want to know what we should continue and how to keep a good routine with you personally.\ Now lets’ get to the hat! This hat is from fellow dentist, Dr. Y. Cathy Hung, who started a campaign with their staff. They would wear these hats to spark confusion, curiosity, and encourage questions. The office also has a rule board. On it says:\
  • Rule #1: Don’t tell us you hate dentists.\
  • Rule #2: Tell us something you like about our office.\
  • Rule #3: We will tell you something we like about you as a patient.\ When a patient follows these rules, they get entered into a raffle to win a hat!\ The office says they have had a lot more positive talking in their office. While we don’t participate in this campaign it is a cool idea that helps bring awareness to positive conversation.
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