3 Reasons To See The DentistJan 13 2020

Tender Gums- If your gums are in pain, red, puffy, or even bleeding, it is a good idea to get them checked out at our dentist’s office. If they bleed when you brush your teeth or floss between them, it could be gum disease, or Periodontal disease. If your family has a history of periodontal issues, it could be more serious than you might think, and better safe than sorry to check it out.

  1. Previous or Ongoing Medical Conditions- It is important to recognize that if you have medical conditions like diabetes, eating disorders, heart problems, or anything like that, it is important to keep all your doctors in the loop. When you think of your doctors, make sure the dentist (us) is included. That way, they know how to make you most comfortable, and know if an emergency occurs.
  2. Trouble Eating- When you bite into an apple and your jaw, gums, or teeth feel pain outside anything normal, then it is great idea to come see the dentist. You could have a cavity, gum disease, or anything else. Our dentist can help you ease pain and feel more confident with your smile, and food!
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