3 Signs A Tooth May Need to be ExtractedJul 28 2021

Teeth are meant for more than just looking good! When they don’t do what they need to do, sometimes they need to be extracted, or pulled. It doesn’t happen everyday, but let’s go over a few reasons it may occur.

  1. Damage. When a tooth decays or has enough damage, it sometimes can’t be fixed with treatment. This can occur through many ways, but most of the time it’s chipped or broken.
  2. If that damaged tooth isn’t pulled, infection can start and go through the tooth’s pulp. The common solution is a root canal. If you want more information, go to our Root Canal Blog Post. However, occasionally the tooth is too damaged for a root canal to be effective. That’s where an extraction comes in.
  3. One lasts reason we will discuss is overcrowded teeth. When a tooth shifts or grows the wrong way, they become useless. They can even prevent other teeth from growing correctly. When the tooth loses use or becomes uncomfortable, the dentist will recommend an extraction.

If you are ever in pain from a tooth, please contact us. You may need an extraction if it can’t be treated.

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