3 Ways to Make Your Smile More Natural in PicturesOct 12 2020

Some of us can smile and look like a model in pictures, others… can’t. They have that photogenic gene that makes them look good in every photo, without trying. I am in the "can’t" section almost every time I take a picture. I always look like I am forcing a smile or look uncomfortable (both of which are true). There’s nothing wrong with my or anyone’s actual smiles. but when it comes to a camera, we can get a little awkward. We may have just got our teeth fixed, or have always had nice teeth. Let’s look at some ways to make our great dentist- helped smile more natural in pictures.

  1. Smile because something made you smile! Think of something happy or have someone make a joke. The easier it is to capture the actual smile you make in real life, the easier and more natural your smile in a picture will look.
  1. Don’t be afraid to show your teeth. You and your dentist worked hard one them, so don’t hide them. Toothless smiles often look a little awkward on camera.
  1. Be comfortable. A suggestion is to have someone you know take the pictures so they can direct you on how to look better. Also if you are nervous, take a second or two to relax your face, mind, and jaw. You’ll look a lot more natural that way!
  1. Own your smile. Know your smile is unique, just like you. So be confident.
  1. If you aren’t confident in the smile you have in real life, go see Dr. Warner, who can truly change your life!
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