4 Simple Ways Drinking Water Benefits Our Oral HealthJul 06 2020

Water is great for our health. If we don’t get enough, we die, so it’s pretty important, right? But, there is more to it than just survival, it also is very important for our oral health. Here are three reason why:

  1. When you drink water, you keep your hydration levels up, but it also stops us from having dry mouth, which can cause tooth decay.
  1. Water, is sugar free, duh! So why does that help? A lot of other drinks contain sugar, which in large quantities, causes cavities.
  1. It also washes away remaining food particles from eating. It is a natural teeth cleaner and breath freshener.
  1. Some city’s water has fluoride in it (yay!) and this is a natural cavity fighter and helps teeth grow strong and healthy! Drink More Water!
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