5 Things You May Not Have Known About TeethAug 29 2020

Your teeth are amazing. They help you eat, talk, and flirt.  But here are 5 fun facts about your teeth that you may or may not have known before.

First of all, people have been brushing teeth since the before the 1700s--before that, they chewed on twigs to clean them.

 Also, teeth can tell all kinds of things about us, from the kinds of food we eat, to times when we were stressed or ill.

 Added to that is the fact that every single tooth is different, just like snowflakes or fingerprints.  

Fourth is that the crowns of your teeth are already in place before you are born.

Finally, cleaning between your teeth is as important as cleaning the parts you can see (some would even say it is more important).  For more about these fun facts, visit this article on Mouth.org.

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