A Timeline of Dentistry OriginsJun 29 2020

Ever wonder where the profession of dentistry even comes from? Here is a simple timeline of major events dating back to the origins of dentistry. Source: History of Dentisty

  1. 5000 BC- a text from the Sumerians talks about “tooth worms” being the main cause of tooth decay
  2. 2600 BC- An Egyptian scribe named Hesy-Re is known as the first “dentist”, dies. His tomb has an inscription saying, “the greatest of those who deal with teeth, and of physicians.”
  3. 1700-1550 BC- the Ebers Papyrus is written, discussing many health topics. One of which was diseases of teeth and some toothache remedies. Egyptains would often drink mixes , syrups, or “mouthwashes” to maintain oral health and stop inflammation.
  4. 500-300 BC- Aristotle and Hippocrates wrote about decaying teeth and gum disease, and using fries to keep loose teeth and fractured jaws stable.
  5. 100 BC- Celsus ( a Roman medical author) discusses the medicine of oral hygiene, toothache remedies, jaw fractures, and other oral issues.
  6. 166-201 AD- Etruscans use gold crowns and bridgework in their dental practices.

This is the beginning, or the origins, of the dentistry profession! Hopefully you found it interesting!

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