All About Night GuardsJun 15 2014

nightguards-fairfield-dentistNight guards are designed to protect teeth from damage during the night. That sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? If your dentist recommended a night guard for you or you would like to try a night guard to see the results you may have some more questions about what it actually does, what they’re made out of, and why they work. Here’s a quick list of everything you need to know about night guards: 1. Most night guards are made out of a thermoplastic material that you can use to mold and fit in your mouth. Thermoplastic means that the material softens in water and then hardens again so when you bite into the soft material and then remove it the guard will keep the shape of your mouth. You can purchase generic ones, not made by dentists, but they tend to be harder to breathe or talk in. 2. If you need a mouth guard you probably have what dentists call bruxism. Bruxism is the medical term for teeth grinding. 3. Night guards not only add a barrier of protection between your teeth to prevent damage and erosion from forced contact, but it also works because the act of wearing the device makes patients more aware of the grinding motion, even during sleep. 4. The fit of your night guard does matter because a securely fitting guard will be less likely to fall out in the night or be taken out during sleep. If it is uncomfortable many patients will take out the device during sleep and continue to grind or clench their teeth until morning. 5. If you don’t wear night guards there may be serious consequences. Not only can it be annoying for your partner but it also can lead to serious dental problems. Cracked teeth, abrasions, jaw pains, headaches, and extended wear on the tops of your teeth can ensue.

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