Aren't All Dentists the Same?Sep 08 2019

Does that seem like a strange thing to ask? Actually, we hear that question all the time. Many people do believe that all dentists are the same and therefore that all dental offices and the treatments offered there should be the same as well. Not so. There can be a wide range and a great deal of variety from one office to another. Take a look at this short video that will explain a little bit more about what we mean.

As the video explains, dental offices vary according to the type of practice. If you find a family dental practitioner on the West Coast they will probably be similar to a family practitioner on the East Coast. Where the immense variety comes in has more to do with the type of dental practice. For example, an orthodontist has different skills than a periodontist. An implant dentist will use different methods which also require different tools that you might find in a cosmetic dentist’s office.

At the end of the day the type of office that you are looking for will largely be based on what you need. If you're curious about a dental office it's a good idea to check them out online first. Most dental practitioners will explain what it is that they do on their site and give you more information on which to base your decision. We hope this video will help you to find exactly the perfect dentist for you.

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