Apple Cider Vinegar- Help or Hinderance?May 12 2020

A huge thing trending right now is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). That thing that smells and tastes awful? Yup! Many people drink it and claim it can help them lose weight, kill of harmful bacteria in the gut, detoxify etc. It also can whiten teeth and much more! Can it hurt your teeth though? Let's dig a little deeper.

Apple Cider Vinegar is used to clean and disinfect things like counter tops. Its vinegar properties allow it to kill off pathogens, which is bacteria that causes disease and illness. That's a great thing, right?

But what about your teeth and mouth? It has been proven to have abilities to bleach, or whiten teeth because of the vinegar property in it. Undiluted ACV can help your teeth look white, but over time can cause the enamel of your teeth to soften.

Enamel is the white part of the tooth. It has no living cells, so it can't grow back if it gets eaten or destroyed. Undiluted ACV is acidic on the pH scale, about a 2.5-3. Water is the neutral pH, at 7! The acid in it is what causes the damage to the tooth enamel.

Now that doesn't really mean you can't use it for health benefits. If you are going to use ACV, consult a doctor and/or dentist to see how they recommend to use it for specific purposes, like teeth whitening. Always remember to dilute it with water. This way the pH balance is a lot less acidic, helping to not eat away enamel as much.

Bottom line is sure, use it, if you use it right! It has good cleaning and detoxifying properties, as well as whitening your teeth! But always dilute it and use it properly if you're putting in in your body. Always talk to health experts if you have questions, like our dentist, Dr. Mark Warner!

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