Before Going to the Dentist- Do These ThingsAug 03 2021

Your oral health needs to be a lifelong commitment … if you want your teeth for your whole life! Whether it’s your first appointment, it’s been a while, or you’re a regular, being prepared for the dentist can be extra beneficial! Below are some tips and ways to be prepared!

  1. Find a dentist you like: You should have a dentist that wants you to be satisfied, works hard, and helps you be comfortable and knowledgable.
  2. Confirm your appointment: Make sure you confirm you appointment so both the office and you know when you are supposed to be there and there are no miscommunications. It also allows the dentist to schedule the most efficiently and help the most people they can.
  3. Share your dental history: If you have any major or small dental problems, the dentist would love to know! Then they can know the best way to treat you.
  4. Arrive early: It is always best to be early to an appointment. There may be paperwork that needs to be filled out, or the office may be running fast so they can get you in early!
  5. Schedule your next appointment in the office: When you schedule your next visit, you help the office become more organized, and you don’t have to worry about it. And you won’t forget!

We hope these tips and steps help you feel more prepared and confident for the next time you come see us!

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