Benefits of Sugar-Free Chewing GumAug 24 2020

There are those people out there that always have gum. We want to be friends with those people, right?! After each meal, or just for fun, they like to pop in some minty or fruity gum and chew on. And somehow it makes their smile just that much brighter. Some pluses of chewing gum that is sugar-free, besides better breath are as follows:

Chewing sugar- free gum can help prevent cavities. But remember that if it is sugary gum, this is opposite! When gum is chewed, salvia increases in the mouth, aiding the removal of food and taking care of acids in the mouth. Salvia can has calcium in it, which supports enamel strength.

Helping out the enamel is another benefit of sugar-free gum. Gum prevents enamel erosion by bringing minerals to your teeth. Sugar-free gum also can clean up some acidic substances in the mouth that are left there by foods and drinks!

Yay, more reasons for gum chewing! Remember that chewing sugar-free gum doesn’t take away brushing and flossing the teeth. You can’t skip them! Ever!

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