Best Way to Deal With a Broken ToothOct 24 2019

Broken toothA broken tooth can be quite traumatic. First there's the pain, the shock and maybe even trauma. Often it is extremely annoying as we find ourselves continually taking our tongue and putting it on the broken tooth. So what exactly should we do when we break a tooth? How much does it cost to fix a broken tooth? Watch this video as we explore the answers to these questions.

A broken tooth can cause a fair amount of stress. In addition to the possible pain and discomfort, there’s the “weird feeling” of having that sharp edge that used to be rounded on the inside of our mouth. Some of us find it almost impossible to stop rubbing with our tongue in the hopes that maybe it will return to normal.

Any time you break a tooth it's going to require some treatment. Treatment could be as simple as filing the rough edges, or as complex as needing to rebuild the tooth. With modern dentistry you have many options from crowns to implants to veneers and more. With the help of Mark J. Warner DDS Inc., you can decide what is right for you as well as what fits into your budget. The pain and discomfort of a broken tooth doesn't have to trouble you anymore.


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