Brushing Facts You May Find InterestingMar 31 2020

We all like to learn new things, and one thing most people don’t know about it, is dentistry. Today I wanted to talk about facts surrounding brushing your teeth, and brushing in general!\

  1. Dentists recommend you keep your toothbrush at least six feet from your toilet to avoid particles in the air from flushing! What’s really crazy and kind of gross is that only 24.9% of Americans actual keep their toothbrush at the distance.\
  2. 14 million gallons of toothpaste is purchased each year in America alone.\
  3. The first toothbrush with actual bristles was invented in China in 1498. The bristles came from horses, badgers, and hogs.\
  4. On that note, the toothbrush we normally see now has around 2,500 bristles on it!\
  5. Only 41.4% of Americans brush their teeth twice a day. When you don’t do this, your risk of developing tooth decay is increased by 33%

Now you know, make a change and do better!

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