Can Mouthwash Help Against the Coronavirus?Apr 05 2021

We all want to know how to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. We want to go back to normal, or at least start to, right? Dentist's feel the same way. They are at a huge risk everyday they see patients because they are right in their faces, breathing the same air, even with masks on.

So some dentists started researching if there were ways to help reduce risk. It is still in the early stages of studies and testing, but it shows promise- mouthwash. Who knew right?

There are two types of mouthwash that have been proven to be effective. They are Listerine and Chlorhexidine, a prescription mouthwash. These two mouthwashes have shown to disrupt the virus within seconds by denying it the chance to replicate in a human cell, in laboratory conditions.

There are others like Betadine, which includes povidone iodine, and Peroxal, that includes hydrogen peroxide, that show potential to do the same thing, but they can cause a hefty amount of skin cell death with continued use. Listerine and Chlorhexidine have little impact on the skin cells when used to stop viral transmission.

These studies show promise, but using mouthwash is only one way to slow the spread, and shouldn't be counted on solely to stop transmission. It is meant as a preventative measure until more research can prove or disprove the theory. Mouthwash is always good to use regularly for your oral health, however!

If you want to read the study for more information, please click this link.

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