Celebrities who have had Cosmetic Dentistry ProceduresMay 31 2014

tom-cruise-fairfield-dentistIt’s no secret that celebrities are molded and decorated to fit a kind of form that the general public considers beautiful. Makeup, wardrobe, and even lighting are carefully managed and exploited to achieve a perfect look. Celebrities are also often criticized for going under the knife and having cosmetic procedures performed to enhance their physical form. Oddly enough, they rarely receive that same kind of attention for their cosmetic dentistry procedures and the general public is often unaware that they weren’t born with straight, evenly shaped pearly whites. 1. Cher Lloyd, a recent UK discovery from the X Factor, covered an obvious gap with perfectly lined white veneers. 2. Naill Horan, still a teenager and member of the 1D band, underwent radical and aggressive orthodontics with braces. 3. Tom Cruise, invested in a full set of cosmetically repaired top teeth to hide a discolored, crooked front tooth. 4. Zac Efron, a teen idol who is majorly crushed on by young girls, used to have small front teeth with a visible gap but he underwent some cosmetic procedures to enhance his smile. 5. Catherine Zeta Jones had a very natural, normal set of teeth when she was discovered and started her career but still chose to enhance the consistency of their shape, size, and color. 6. Noel Gallagher had very bad teeth with many problems, including crooked lines and noticeable discoloration, but it has all been fixed now. 7. Nicholas Cage, an actor with a varying rapport among viewing audiences, had a mess of crooked, small teeth behind his bottom lip and now sports amazingly bright, straight veneers. 8. Miley Cyrus saw a cosmetic dentist to cover small imperfections and to whiten her set. 9. Liam Gallagher lost his front teeth in a brawl and was able to cover the space with veneers. 10. 50 Cent, like many other celebrities, covered a wide gap between his front two teeth.

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