Common Tongue ProblemsOct 28 2014

dentist fairfield ca tongue hygieneThe tongue is a magnificent collection of muscles that allow us to talk, eat, and taste with ease. Your tongue is constantly in motion when you’re snacking, cleaning your teeth, drinking, talking, or swallowing. Because you use your tongue so frequently, it can be very frustrating to suffer the effects of any tongue problems. Luckily, your mouth is often quick to repair itself, especially if you know what to do to help. 1. Leukoplakia. Leukoplakia may cause white patches to form inside your mouth and on your tongue when cells grow in excess. Only your doctor can diagnose leukoplakia but you should stop using tobacco products if your tongue does show white patches as this is a risk factor for the condition. 2. Folic Acid Deficiency. You may notice that your tongue is especially red if you have a lack of B-12 in your system or discover a folic acid deficiency. Take supplements to solve this. 3. Geographic Tongue. Geographic tongue will create a map-like pattern of red spots that may be surrounded by a white border. If the patches last for more than two weeks you should contact your dentist but often the disorder is harmless and clears on its own. 4. Oral Thrush. Oral Thrush is commonly diagnosed in infants and the elderly who have weak immune systems. White patches may occur on your mouth and tongue with a ‘cottage cheese-like’ consistency. Thrush can be combatted by live, active cultures, like those in yogurt, as well as taking medication prescribed by your dentist to combat the infection.

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