"Dentists Are Monsters"Feb 17 2020

Dental school student Dr. David Markiewicz was concerned with how many kids and adults out there were afraid by some degree of the dentist. He wanted to help reduce anxiety especially among kids.

Dr. Markiewicz came up with a really good idea; a children’s book. The story is about a new tooth named Tony. He hears all these scary stories about the dentist.

One example is that if the dentist doesn’t like Tony, he will take him out and eat him up. Another is that the dentist wears a mask because he breathes fire like a dragon. Ultimately Tony goes to the dentist and sees all the scary stories are not real and that the doctor was really nice and made sure to take very good care of him.

This story is pretty cute, but it also caries a strong message. It is ok to be scared of going to the dentist, but we should encourage kids to face their fears and keep their mouth and teeth healthy and strong. If you have a kid, consider this book as a bedtime story! If you are a dentist, this would be a great one for the waiting room of your office.

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