Digital Dentistry NotesAug 21 2014

digital dentistry notesNotes are essential in the world of dentistry and are used to share details with co-workers and health professionals for improved service as well as to avoid any mistakes from mixed medication or complications.

Web notes are more effective and efficient as a note taking platform compared to traditional spiral notepads or note taking applications on mobile phones. Spiral notepads take longer to write by hand and may be difficult to pass between workers who cannot read each other’s handwriting. Paper copies are susceptible to tearing, spilling, and smudging with constant use and because it is a hard copy it is easily lost or stolen.

The more technology friendly option is to use a note taking application on a smart phone, like an iPhone. However, this method is not sufficient. Smart phones are susceptible to theft or damage and when the device is no longer available for use, the notes are inevitably gone as well. An additional discouragement is the fact that the screen is so small and has to be scrolled through to view the entire document. Web based notes are available on a number of devices like computers, tablet computers, or smart phones so that you can choose the device that works the best for you, anywhere.

The only safe and reliable option for dedicated dentists and hygienists is to use a web based note taking platform. Taking notes on a web based note taking platform ensures access from multiple devices in any location, at any time. This eliminates the worry of having your note taking device stolen or lost. Additionally, anyone can share their web based notes with other physicians and authorized clients for ease of communication. The only way to protect your notes is to save them on a web based note taking platform to ensure that your important information is protected, private, and easy to access.

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