Do Teeth Get Weaker as You Age?Jan 25 2018

This is one question that we often get.  But even though some research shows that dentin, the soft tissue below your enamel may get softer, for the most part, your teeth should remain strong through the years.  That is, as long as you take care of yourself.

It should be no surprise that our habits can make the difference between a healthy or unhealthy oral cavity.  Things like poor diet, teeth grinding, not visiting your dentist, and using your teeth to open things are high on the list of damaging activities.

But sometimes, people experience physical health setbacks over which they have no control.  For instance, certain immune deficiency diseases may lead to increased occurrence of gum disease.  Other conditions compromise the way that minerals are absorbed by the body, leading to an increased susceptibility to tooth decay.

We cannot stress enough the importance of discussing ways that physical health can impact your oral health with your dentist or doctor during your regular checkups.  If you are past due for such a visit, we encourage you to give us a call.  Our goal is to help you have a beautiful smile for life!

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