Don't Get Your Teeth Whitened Until You Read This...Aug 17 2017

You have never had so many options when it comes to whitening your teeth as you do in today's dental marketplace.  That is good news, because it may be the easiest way to get the gorgeous smile you are wanting.  Of course, there are things you will want to watch out for so that you do not damage your teeth in the process.

Laser teeth whitening is provided in a dentist's office.  After your teeth have been professionally cleaned to remove surface stains the dentist will place rubber dams over your gum tissue and retract your cheeks to protect the delicate surfaces of your mouth, including your lips.  He or she will then use a bleaching solution that is carefully applied to each of your teeth.  A laser is used to accelerate the whitening process so that the whitening solution does not stay on longer than necessary, minimizing side effects.  Low-heat is important so that your teeth comes out as healthy as they were before.  Higher levels of heat can cause discomfort and sensitivity, and is therefore undesirable.  Usually the whole procedure takes about an hour.

The key to a safe, successful teeth whitening treatment is having a discussion beforehand to make sure that all of these safety precautions will be followed to your satisfaction.  Proper protective measures and accurate application of the whitening solution are necessary in order to prevent side effects from the procedure, such as tooth sensitivity.  Usually this sensitivity, if it occurs at all, is mild and resolves itself within a few days.  However, if you already have sensitive teeth, you will want to talk to your dentist about how to get a white smile without worsening your condition.  A de-sensitizing toothpaste can help treat this mild discomfort.

At Mark J. Warner, DDS, Inc. General Dentistry, we will take every precaution necessary to ensure a successful, comfortable experience when brightening teeth. We will also make sure that there are no underlying dental problems that could be causing abnormal discoloration of your teeth.  After all, our first priority is your overall dental health.  We want you to have a healthy AND happy smile!

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