Energy Drinks and Your Oral HealthNov 09 2020

Energy drinks are incredibly popular to help pretty much everyone. Whether you’re on a road trip or working long hours, they are there if you are in a pinch. Aside from the many health problems that energy drinks bring with them, we are going to discuss our oral health.

If you need a wake up call, look at this picture of a man that regularly drinks energy drinks. Maybe not all of us are addicted to them, but chances are you’ve had one or more in your life time. It’s not just soda anymore. In a study with beverages, it was found that energy drinks are twice as acidic than normal sports drinks. The more acidic something is, the more in can damage our tooth enamel. It takes around 30 minutes to bring the pH back to neutral, which means your teeth are bathing in that acid for at least 30 minutes, from ONE sip.

The acid also helps bacteria grow, making you more likely to have tooth/gum disease. Energy drinks can even increase the acid reflux in our bodies, causing more cavities.

In conclusion, when you’re in a slump and need energy, energy drinks may not be the best choice. Reach for a tea or a green smoothie, which can help you feel better.

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