Expectant Mothers: What You Need to Know About Your Teeth During Pregnancy, Part 1Mar 30 2018

Although the old wives' tale that you lose a tooth for every baby you have is false, there are still things you need to know about how pregnancy affects your dental health.  From crazy food cravings to retching while toothbrushing, there are some potential problems to deal with as well.  With proper home hygiene care and professional help from your dentist, it is still possible to weather your pregnancy with your teeth intact.

First of all, it is important to know that dental disease can affect a developing baby.  Studies show that 18 out of every 100 premature births are caused by periodontal disease, chronic disease of the gums.  Babies who are born prematurely may risk a range of health conditions including cerebral palsy and problems with eyesight and hearing.  Proper dental treatment is needed to reduce the risk of premature birth.

Of course, pre-pregnancy health can be a good predictor of success later in your pregnancy.  Make sure you have a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing between your teeth, and seeing your dentist regularly.  Also, if you are experiencing problems, it is best to have your dentist take care of them before you conceive.  Otherwise, non-urgent issues can be taken care of during your first trimester.  Your dentist will likely put off anything that involves x-rays or anesthesia until after you deliver your baby.

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