Firefighter Almost Dies From Poking a Popcorn That is Stuck in His MouthFeb 10 2020

In October of last year, a firefighter named Adam Martin want to the hospital for open-heart surgery to save his life. He had gotten a really bad blood infection (infective endocarditis) that could have killed him.\ This infection can lead to bacteria and germs from other parts of the body getting into the bloodstream and hurting the heart.\ This could all be traced back September when he and his wife were watching a movie together and eating popcorn.\ He had gotten some stuck in his teeth and used random objects laying around to try and dislodge it, to no avail. One thing he didn’t think of was to see a dentist about it .\ A week later he has ached and tiredness, night sweats, and that all led up to a heart murmur. These symptoms together are signs for blood infection. A little while later, he started get sick, what he thought was a cold. Adam went the doctor and was told nothing looked very out of the ordinary, only minor inflammation. He was given medication and sent home. He wasn’t getting better and ended up going to the hospital.\ The infection had eaten through all of his heart valves .\ and he almost died. If Adam hadn’t gone to the hospital at that time, it was likely this piece of popcorn would have ended his life.\ According to New York Post, Adam’s wife said, “If Adam’s infection was caught earlier, it could have been treated with antibiotics. Your gums are a bacterial highway to your heart.” Always go to the dentist if you have any issues with your mouth, it could save your life!

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