Flossing For DummiesJan 27 2020

No one that is looking for tips on flossing is a dummy, I promise! It is always a good thing to know how to take care of your mouth, especially flossing! Flossing your teeth is a critical part of your dental health. It can help get food remains that a toothbrush can’t, prevent your gums from getting infected, and even help fight against tooth decay among many other benefits.

To start, get a a piece of medium- long floss, maybe about 18 inches, and wrap it around your fingers, leaving an inch or two in the middle to put in your mouth. Slide the floss up and down each side of each tooth, don’t be afraid to get down deep. Make sure you go below the gum line following the natural curve of your teeth. While you should be going deep, don’t attempt to force the floss further than right below the gums. Don’t try to snap the floss on the gums, that would be too hard for sure!

It is smart to use different pieces of floss as you go along your teeth, to make sure it stays clean. Be sure to get even behind the last teeth in your mouth, a lot of food gets stuck behind those molars! Flossing is essential and should be part of your everyday oral health routine.

Here is a fun visual on how to floss from Colgate

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