Foods That Can Help or Hinder Sensitive TeethOct 19 2020

Whether it’s occasional or constant teeth sensitivity, we can always benefit from knowing which foods can help or hurt our teeth. When you have sensitive teeth, you want to strengthen the enamel, so they aren’t as weak or sensitive.

Dairy is a great enamel strengthening food group. Foods like cheese, milk, and, yogurt often are high in calcium and protein. These two things are great at adding strength to not just bones but to our teeth enamel (which is just like a bone).

Fibrous foods such as carrots, apples, broccoli, and other greens generate more saliva while being chewed. That saliva washes away the residue in your mouth, leaving it clean and less likely to become irritated.

Foods that are awful for your sensitive teeth (and bad for any type of teeth), include sugar, high amounts of simple carbohydrates, and tomato sauce.

Sugar is in all types of things, but to make things simple, think of chocolate and other kinds of treats. This kind of sugar breaks down teeth and can cause a lot of damage.

The same goes for the simple carbohydrates like potato chips. They may not have a lot of sugar, but simple carbohydrates are converted into sugar and still causes damage and tooth decay.

Lastly, tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is very acidic, and acid does basically the same thing as sugar. Any kind of tomato food, like pasta sauce, pizza sauce, and others can be harmful if eaten in extreme. It damages tooth enamel and creates long term damage if too much acid is eaten over time.

Remember that this doesn’t mean you can never have foods like this, but moderation is key!

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