Foods- What They Do To Your TeethDec 30 2019

We all eat, so we need to know what foods and beverages can damage your teeth, and which ones can actually help and protect your teeth. One type of food that helps your immune system, but can be hard on your tooth enamel, is citrus fruits. Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit. These common fruits are well-known for how much vitamin C they have. They help fight against sicknesses like colds, if eaten regularly. However, because they are so acidic, they can erode tooth enamel (the white part of the tooth) over time.

Another one is sports drinks. They promote restoring your electrolytes lost after vigorous exercise, but what isn't shared with you, is that they're also pretty acidic, which breaks down enamel, as previously mentioned. Drink Gatorade and other related sports drinks in moderation to make sure you aren't hurting your teeth.

A food group that is great for your mouth, is dairy. Milk, cheese, and other products are high in calcium, which helps build strong bones (and teeth!). Dairy products are typically high in casein, a type of protein, that can help to build and stabilized damaged tooth enamel.

Other foods that help those pearly whites are those that are high in fiber. Veggies with a lot of leafy greens and others require a lot of chewing before swallowing, making saliva to help break down your food, and the veggies themselves create a cleaning experience in your mouth, sort of scrubbing your teeth!

Remember you can eat all of these foods, whether they hurt your teeth or help, but keep in mind that you need to keep your enamel strong to keep your teeth healthy.

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