Getting Kids to Brush Their TeethNov 29 2013

As a parent, you know that the health of your children’s teeth is very important. However, most children don’t realize how important this is, and making them brush each night before going to bed can be difficult.  However, there are some easy ways of getting kids to brush their teeth, so don’t despair if your child

One of the first things that you need to do is to take this task and turn it into a fun activity. You can either sing songs, or make up games. Imagine yourself having fun with your children while brushing: tell them that you see a sugar bug, and they are the sugar bug patrol – do this in a fun and game-like manner and children will love it.

Also, let your children choose their own toothbrush and even toothpaste.  You will usually find both toothpaste and toothbrushes with their favorite cartoon or superhero to inspire your children to love brushing.  Gift-giving holidays like Easter, Christmas, and Chanukah can also make getting a toothbrush more fun, as well as demonstrate the importance of this valuable tool.  Some families even invite the Halloween Witch to their house a few days after the children finish their trick-or-treating, so that she can take all of their candy and exchange it for toothbrushes and coloring books!

Of course, if your children want to be independent and the above doesn’t work, try having them use a plaque-disclosing mouth rinse. You can easily purchase it at your local pharmacy or drug store, or you can get it from your dentist.  Seeing those areas highlighted by the rinse will inspire even the most resistant child to get brushing.

Naturally, you want children to brush, and there’s no better way getting kids to brush their teeth than by being an example yourself. Keep your toothbrush in the kid’s bathroom and brush and floss with them at the same time.  It’s needless to say that children need to learn how to do this properly. So, if your child needs some help, then stay behind the child and reach around and brush their teeth, in a playful way – the sugar bug game comes to mind. Plus, when you’re behind the child, he or she can see what you’re doing in the mirror and hence learn by seeing.  We recommend  supervising your children until they’re about 8 or 9.

Follow the above tips and getting kids to brush their teeth is going to be a lot easier.  Happy brushing!

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