Guide to Spotting Gum Problems, Part 1Jun 09 2018

Most dentists will agree:  Your gums are the key to a healthy mouth.  While pale gums are a sign of anemia in a person as a result of an iron deficiency, if the gums are white or painful, the cause may be more serious.  Either way, it is important to recognize the kinds of things that can go wrong in your gums.

Normal, healthy gums are generally pink in color, appearing slightly lighter around the teeth and darker around the sides of the mouth.  Also, there is some variation from person to person as to how dark pink they can be.

So what do you do when you notice that the color of your gums is changing?  This is the time to speak with a doctor, especially if additional symptoms are causing concern.  Your dentist can tell you how serious the condition is.

In this multi-part series on gum health, we will explore the causes of pale or otherwise discolored gums. We also describe accompanying symptoms, treatments, and when to see a doctor.

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