Habits That are Harmful to Your TeethApr 08 2014

Many people take their teeth for granted and forget that they are a delicate part of the body that isn’t easily replaced. Teeth are so useful to us and we need to take good care of them to ensure good health. Even if you’re a flossing fiend and practice very good dental hygiene, odds are you have at least one of these bad habits. Learn about why these habits are harmful and try to stop as soon as possible.

  1. Eating Ice. Ice is a very hard material that many people like to chew on, Habits-That-are-Harmful-to-Your-Teethespecially at the end of a cool soft drink. It is very abrasive and the cold temperature can actually cause micro fractures in your teeth that lead to bigger problems over time.
  2. Using Teeth as Tools. It can be tempting to open things with your teeth or hold things in your mouth for leverage. In order to avoid trauma remember to only use your teeth for what they were designed – eating.
  3. Biting Nails. This almost falls under the category of using your teeth as tools. Your nails and teeth have many similar physical qualities because they are strong. Use nail clippers and avoid damage on your fingers and in your mouth. You may also want to find a different stress relief if you find that it is tied to anxiety.
  4. Brushing too Hard. Vigorous brushing can hurt your teeth, even though you may think that you’re doing a good thing. When you brush too hard, the enamel on your teeth can actually wear down. The most common side effect is irritation of the gums. Use a soft bristled toothbrush instead and pay more attention to your level of force while brushing.
  5. Smoking. This is an absolute no-no. Don’t smoke because the harm to your teeth is absolutely irreparable and unnecessary.

If you can somehow avoid forming these habits in the first place, all the better.

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