Have You Had Gum Disease Before? Your Risk of Covid-19 Respiratory Failure May Increase Because of It.Aug 31 2020

Who knew that diseases like the Coronavirus could be a lot worse just because you’ve had gum disease. This doesn’t mean that you’’ get Covid-19 if you have had gum disease, so don’t freak out just yet. It just means that you’re more likely to have a respiratory complications over someone who hasn’t had a gum disease in their history.

According to a paper put out by the /Journal of the California Dental Association/ there are a few different ways why this could happen to you.

  1. Too much a protein that is pro-inflammatory called IL-6, (that is associated to gum disease) can get into the systemic circulation causing inflammation.
  2. Foreign bacteria that reach the upper and lower respiratory tract.
  3. Bacteria entering through the gingival sulcus This can enhance endothelial dysfunction and gut dysbiosis. The authors of the paper, Molayem and Pantes wrote, “Gut dysbiosis and endothelial dysfunction can affect several organs and systems, including the lungs. Circulating cytokines and bacteria can alter the respiratory epithelium, predisposing to infection, inflammation and potential pulmonary complications.”

There are strong connections to the protein IL-6 and the need for mechanical ventilation if you have Covid-19. The higher the IL-6 level, the more likely you are predicted to have respiratory failure. Since the mouth has lots of potential for bacteria, that bacteria can get in the blood vessels of our gums and go throughout the body. The authors suggested a rinse of one part hydrogen oxide and two parts water to use after brushing and flossing. This is better than store bought mouthwash because it last longer, protecting your mouth. If you have gum disease, you need to let your dentist know, so they can help you as soon as possible. It’s not just your mouth that will be affected.

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