How Good Nutrition Impacts Your TeethJun 21 2014

Human Teeth, Smiling, Apple.Nutrition is an aspect of our health that has reaching effects into every area of our body. The food that you eat effects everything from your ability to be physically active to your fight against the common cold, your amount of energy during the day to the health of your teeth throughout your life. Although it can be a pain to watch what you eat and make good choices over some yummier options, good nutrition really does have a major impact on the health of your teeth.

Cavities grow as the acid in our mouth feeds on sugar. When the sugar isn’t properly cleaned out the acid continues to erode in places where cavities tend to form like between teeth or in the back corners of our mouths. Of course it’s good to brush well, floss, and maintain a steady dental care routine but you can also prevent cavities by limiting the amount of sugar that you eat in the first place. Simply choosing a natural source of sweetness over an artificial sugar trap can be a lifesaver for your teeth; eat an apple instead of a lollipop and your mouth will thank you – plus, your tongue won’t turn colors!

Eating, while fun, is intended for the sole purpose of providing our body with the necessary nutrients. Your teeth take their share of the nutrients from food and use it to strengthen their enamel, build up your mouth’s tissue under the surface, and repair any damages. Protein, calcium, and phosphorus are the three key nutrients that you should keep an eye out for because together they strengthen the tooth structure, aid enamel repair, and develop your connective tissue. Drink lots of milk, eat lean, protein-rich meat, and snack on bananas and broccoli, which are rich in phosphorus, to help your teeth thrive.

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