How to Choose the Best ToothpasteOct 21 2014

how-to-choose-the-best-toothpasteToothpaste is an important part of your daily dental routine and its proper use can help you avoid cavities and tooth decay over time. How do you know that you’re using the right kind? Here’s a simple list to help you pick out the best toothpaste on your next trip to the supermarket:

1.     Talk with Your Dentist. First, discuss what you especially need to be taking care of for your dental health. Your dentist will be able to go over your dental history with you and even talk about family trends that may affect your dental health in the future.

2.     Shop in a Category. After a brief discussion with your dentist, you will know what broad category of toothpaste you should be shopping for. Consider options like whitening power, tarter protection, strong fluoride, or sensitivity toothpaste.

3.     Always look for Fluoride. Fluoride has been shown to prevent cavities and a daily dose can be transferred through your fluoride toothpaste. Look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance to show that the fluoride toothpaste has been approved by the ADA to meet set criteria for safety and effectiveness. Especially, in relation to healthy fluoride amounts.

4.     Taste Matters. Although the difference between wintergreen and spearmint may not affect your success during your next dental checkup you will be more willing to brush on a regular schedule if you like the toothpaste flavor.

5.     Special Ingredients. Don’t forget to check the back of the label if you have certain allergies or irritations to shop around.

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