How to Harden Your Teeth NaturallyJul 14 2014

hardneing teeth naturallyThe enamel on your teeth is quite hard but over time it can begin to demineralize. Years of coffee drinking, soda sipping, and sugar indulging can have a major effect on the density of your tooth enamel but the good news is that you can actually help to reverse the damage. You don’t have to go to a holistic dentist for fancy remedies or annoying procedures. You can harden your teeth naturally, and easily, at home. 1. Salivate. Keeping a moist mouth will flush out the toxins and bacteria that can erode your teeth. Plus, the saliva coats your teeth with trace minerals that are naturally found in your body. 2. Vitamin D. You can increase your vitamin D levels through sun exposure, fatty fish, yeast, fortified foods, and supplements. Vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium, which is an obvious strengthening material. 3. Drink Bone Broth. Bone broths are full of calcium, gelatin, and minerals which can be vital to the re-mineralization process. Make the bone broth yourself from fresh ingredients to get the most effective results. 4. Eat Fermented Foods. Pickles, kombucha, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods offer an extreme acidity so that your mouth can bounce back and re-balance the bacterial levels in your mouth. Natural probiotics are the key to the rebalancing process. 5. Eat Sea Salt. Sea salt, which is different from table salt, is filled with natural minerals that can help to rebuild enamel so go ahead and indulge in those sea salt topped french fries!

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