How to Have Beautiful Teeth NaturallySep 20 2013

Natural SmileA perfect smile is what we strive to have. But, can we have beautiful teeth naturally? Of course we can! There are some things that we can do to ensure that our teeth are healthy, shiny and pearly white, and you’re going to find out everything about this by reading below.

To give your teeth a great clean and to ensure that all those nasty little bacteria are out of your mouth, you can brush them with a homemade formula containing half of tablespoon of baking soda and half of tablespoon of salt and a drop of breath freshening peppermint essential oil. Wet the toothbrush and give your teeth a good brush, and then rinse thoroughly. Be warned that you only want to use this once per week if you don’t want to damage your enamel. This is a great chemical cleanse as the baking soda polishes the surface of your teeth and the chemical reaction between the ingredients and water lightens the stains.

Another thing that you can do to have beautiful teeth naturally is to eat teeth-friendly snacks. These are snacks that produce saliva, meaning apples, celery, carrots, pears, and strawberries. Strawberries in particular contain a natural tooth whitening agent.  All of these foods produce extra saliva that washes away your teeth and all those bacteria that cause you harm.

Of course, if you want to have beautiful teeth naturally, a thing that’s really cheap and really great is water. Drinking plenty of water helps, but what helps even more is to swish water in your mouth right after eating for about 30 seconds. The great thing is that you can do this anywhere!

We all know that vegetables are a great source of health for our body. But they’re also great for our teeth because they’re filled with water and they help wash everything! At the same time, spinach, broccoli, kale and other dark green vegetables contain a mineral compound that acts like a film over your teeth, and helps protect them against stains.

It’s needless to say that a way to have beautiful teeth naturally is to brush at least two times per day, in the morning and in the evening. Ideally, you would want to brush after each meal, but, since you can’t always do this you need to make it a habit to brush in the mornings, after you’ve had your breakfast – if you have breakfast in the mornings –and in the evening, right before going to bed.

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