How to Keep your Teeth Clean with BracesFeb 28 2014

Braces can do wonders for crooked teeth or a crooked jaw line but it also makes daily cleaning more difficult. Plaque collects on the surface of teeth and braces can be difficult to clean around. Plus, the appliances can trap food particles. How-to-Keep-your-Teeth-Clean-with-BracesThe key to taking care of your teeth with braces is to set up a regular hygiene schedule. Without braces you should brush twice a day so with braces you must brush four times a day. Here’s a set of guidelines that you should keep in mind to keep your teeth clean with braces:

  1. Brush with a Soft Bristled Brush. The soft bristles are able to bend in and around the wiring to completely clean the surface of each tooth around the braces. Use small circular motions and scrub 10 or more strokes on each tooth with medium force. Replace your brush as soon as it starts to fray; the toothbrush will wear out faster because of the wear on your appliances.
  2. Floss with a Little Help. Flossing is more difficult with braces because the wire inhibits the vertical space between the teeth. Use superfloss or a floss threader to get the floss around the appliances.
  3. Use a Proxabrush. A proxabrush is a small brush that allows you to clean underneath the wires and between the teeth. This small device allows you to clean without damaging your wires. You can use them multiple times but should use another when it starts to fray or show signs of wear.
  4. Brush the Removable Appliances. If you wear removable appliances you must brush them every day along with your regular brushing and flossing schedule. Plaque accumulates on appliances just like teeth. You can also soak them with a denture cleaning tablet for less bacterial accumulation and better taste.

The other important thing to remember about having braces is that you still need to keep your appointments with your dentist.  We are happy to coordinate with your orthodontist so that you can have your teeth cleaned while your wires are off before they are tightened.  That way when you have the new wires put back on, your teeth will be nicely polished.

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