How to Love Your Mouth This Valentine's DayFeb 14 2018

It's that time of year again, of candy conversation hearts, rose bouquets, and teddy bears.  With all of the love going around, chances are high that you are going to want to kiss someone.  Here are some tips on keeping your mouth kissable (and healthy).

Kissing stimulates the production of saliva, which helps reduce tooth decay.  But if the person you kiss has poor oral health, you run the risk of getting unwanted germs and diseases, including cavities.  Even something as simple as sharing a fork with someone can spread the bacteria to your mouth.  Be sure to brush twice a day and to clean between your teeth with floss.

Bad breath can also be the bearer of bacteria.  Mouthwashes and sugar-free gum can help fight the germs that cause halitosis and keep your breath fresh and your mouth kissable.  Look for the ADA Seal of Approval on both to be sure you are getting the protection you need.

Do not, under any circumstance, share a toothbrush.  You may as well be asking for a cavity transplant.  Unlike a box of chocolates, toothbrushes are not meant to be shared.

If brightening your smile would give your confidence a boost, then by all means, ask your dentist about your options.  There are over the counter treatments, as well as in-office procedures that will make your teeth whiter and brighter.

Not enough can be said about smoking and its effects on your mouth and overall health.  It causes stains on your teeth and bad breath, as well as increasing your risk for periodontal disease and oral cancer.  Not only does it affect how well you smell and taste, but it also affects how you smell and taste.  Give yourself the ultimate Valentine's Day gift and quit.

Lastly, don't forget to see your dentist.  Not only does he or she love to see you, but he or she can also help you keep your teeth and gums their healthiest all year long.

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