How to Overcome Dental AnxietyFeb 01 2021

Many patients of all ages and stages of life have anxiety related to going to the Dentist’s office. It’s common and normal, but how to overcome it so it doesn’t affect you? Try some of these tips at your next dentist appointment or teeth cleaning and see if they help!

  1. Share your fears/anxiety with the dental staff. They are trained professionals and often have solutions to your problems. They can offer personalized ways to help you out. If you don’t share your feelings, they may never know and not be able to help.
  1. Watch what you eat and drink. If you eat something high in protein before your dental appointment, you may experience a calming affect. Avoid drinking large amounts of caffeine, because this will have the opposite affect.
  1. Find a time in your day that is less chaotic. You will feel less rushed/under pressure if you have the time scheduled out. If your schedule is crazy, you will feel crazy! Also ask if there is a time at the office that is less busy, so it’s not as hustle-bustle, which can cause nerves.
  1. Use body language if you are uncomfortable. When the dentist is in your mouth and you can’t speak, use your hands to indicate you have something to say. If you feel empowered, you will feel less dental anxiety.
  1. Distract yourself with music or something similar. If all the noises of the dentist are what bother you, tune them out with music or an audiobook. Just let the dentist know, and they can tap you when they want to talk.
  1. Close your eyes. If you can’t see what’s going on, just relax and try to act like it’s a nap!

We from Dr. Warner’s office always want you to feel comfortable and safe while you’re with us. Don’t hesitate to voice any concerns we can help you with!

source: Delta Dental

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