How to Stop Tooth Decay with SealantsDec 17 2014

dentist-fairfield-dental-sealantsTooth decay should be addressed quickly to avoid further damage and halt progression over time. In addition to recommendations for improved oral health routines, dentists have also been testing a number of methods to protect cavity-prone teeth from deterioration and decay. Dental sealants, or protect coatings, have shown enormous potential for stopping tooth decay. Studies show that the application of sealants on cavity-prone teeth, in children specifically, can reduce tooth decay by nearly 60%. Additionally, the cost of applying these protective sealants is nearly 1/3 of the cost to treat and fill an existing cavity. Working to support and aid the tooth’s natural enamel barrier, bacterial erosion is slowed, if not halted. In short, preventative sealants help to reduce tooth decay over time as well as slash dental bills for expensive treatments of the effects of tooth decay. 40 states conducted surveys to test the efficiency of protective sealants with four distinct considerations and the results were overwhelmingly positive. Financing, collaboration, cost efficiency, and adaptability were all considered and tested within the scope of sealants to stop tooth decay in children. The sealant technology is not new but the use of it for tooth decay prevention is becoming increasingly more common as more studies come out to support the practice.

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