Learn How to Properly Brush Your TeethOct 08 2019

electric and manual toothbrushes isolated on white background. Brushing your teeth is very important yet so few of us really know how to do it properly. We all were taught by our dentist how to brush our teeth when we were children, but do you actually remember? We found these great tips from a dental professional to refresh your memory!

Watch this demonstration from a dental hygienist to learn exactly how to brush your teeth correctly. The first thing to remember is to start with the sides of your back teeth first and use tooth-sized circular motions. Remember, you are trying to remove plaque and build-up so brushing for a full two minutes is important.

Bacteria gathers on your tongue and is a major culprit of bad breath. Try to remember to gently brush your tongue and think about investing in a motorized toothbrush. They can help keep your teeth well brushed the proper way. To learn more about toothbrushes, check out our related post, "The More You Know About Toothbrushes."


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