Life-Changing Benefits of Dental ImplantsAug 11 2017

If you are missing one or more teeth, you may be a good candidate for a dental implant treatment.  Consisting of a titanium screw capped with a crown that matches the natural tone of the surrounding teeth, implants restore the functionality of your bite and your smile.  Benefits can be life-changing.  For example, if missing teeth is causing trouble with correctly pronouncing words, replacing them will improve your ability to communicate as well as help to re-build your self-confidence.  Also, in the absence of a natural tooth root, you jaw may begin to lose bone tissue.  With the placement of an implant, bone will be stimulated to grow once again.  Read more about how dental implant treatment can change your life at  And then call us at (707) 422-7633 or come see us at 1291 Oliver Road to discuss how your can benefit from dental implant therapy.

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