Mark Warner, DDS Receives F.A.C.T. Oral Health Protocol Certification for Advanced Screening in Oral HealthJun 13 2016

dentist-fairfield-oral-cancer-certificateDr. Warner has joined forces with Forward Science Technologies LLC, the manufacturer of OralID ™ and CytID, ™ to promote early detection and public awareness of oral cancer. Although, cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, the 5 year survival rate has steadily improved over the last several years, giving patients a better chance of successful treatment. Unfortunately, oral cancer is the exception; with survival rates not changing over the past three decades, and increasing in incidence each of the past 6 years. Due to these trends, Dr. Warner has implemented the F.A.C.T. Oral Health Protocol in his office in efforts to discover these abnormalities in the earliest of stages and potentially save lives. Each year a visual and tactile exam should be performed, as part of your annual oral health assessment. However, 63% of oral cancer is found in late stages (stage III, IV), resulting in a 5 year survival rate of less than 50%. By implementing this protocol, Dr. Warner allows his patients the most advanced technology available. The F.A.C.T. Oral Health Protocol, an acronym for Fluorescence Assessment Cytology Test, is a proactive approach to find early oral lesions, including oral cancer and HPV. OralID™, utilizing fluorescence technology, has the ability to “highlight” these irregularities in much earlier stages, before it is visible to your dental professional with a standard visual “white light” exam. When a lesion is found; CytID™, a liquid-based cytology test, is utilized to diagnose the lesion and decide the proper plan of action. If you are interested in more information, you can call Mark J. Warner, DDS at 707-422-7633 or visit or With increased public awareness we hope to change the trends, and encourage you to inquire with your dental professional on the precautionary steps necessary for early discovery of oral cancer.

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