Modern Advances in DentistryJun 28 2014

Dentist Fairfield CA Advances in Modern DentistryDentistry has been evolving since the most ancient forms of drills, fillings, and tooth extraction devices - aren’t we lucky? Today’s dentists are more successfully able to resolve dental issues and care for our teeth more comprehensively. That means less pain, longer, more comfortable use of our natural teeth, and lowered dental costs in the long run! Here’s a look at a few of our favorite modern advances in dentistry: 1. Invisalign. This innovative treatment option offers easier care options for patients in contrast to more traditional metal orthodontia. The process is virtually painless and allows patients with crooked teeth to slowly have their smile transformed by the nearly invisible, comfortable invisalign set. 2. Sedation. Sedation has been one of the most actively pursued areas of dental innovation because of its important role in relation to the success of many dental procedures and the overall comfort of the patient. Much of the progress relating to sedatives actually developed in the general medical area of research but the progress has been gladly accepted in the dentist’s chair. Now patients have the options of IV sedation, taking a sedative pill, or other more experimental options. 3. Digital X-Rays. One of the main criticisms with x-rays up until a few years ago was the required exposure to radiation. Of course there were safety procedures in place but now digital x-rays limit that exposure and have made the process safer for the patient and technician. 4. Pediatric Dentistry. It has been stressed to parents for a very long time that children need dental care just as much, if not more, than adults do. While the trend had shifted positively towards an increase in pediatric dentistry the procedures were a step behind. Now, companies like NuSmile and Wand are working to re-design how typical procedures work for kids with the creation of child-specific crowns and injections without typical syringes.

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