New Year- New MouthJan 04 2021

We see it everywhere this time of year- New Year’s Resolutions. So why not include our oral health in there too? A great way to make a goal for anything is to follow the SMART goal principle.






With this criteria in mind, let's talk about some goals or things to work on this year. Let’s start small.

Let’s say you have a hard time brushing for two minutes each time you brush your teeth- invest in a toothbrush that times your brushing, or get out your phone and put a 2 minute timer on it when you start brushing. The hardest thing is knowing how much time you have left, or thinking you’ve done it, but it’s only been 45 seconds (I’ve been there!). So making sure you time it accurately is a great first step.

Another goal is flossing. We can get cavities on the inside of our teeth, where we are meant to floss. Flossing does a great job preventing the cavities. If you think flossing every day is completely impossible to attain, then start with every other day and work up from there. Pick an amount that is doable so you don’t give up.

One last goal is using mouthwash. We think it’s great because it not only helps prevent gingivitis, but also aids in eliminating bad breath. If you’re like me, you only use it once in a blue moon. Start with once or twice a week after brushing, and go from there! That’s my goal, anyway.

From Doctor Warner’s office, we hope you are having a great start to your new year.

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