Quick Tips To Save Your Teeth This ThanksgivingNov 23 2020

We all love Thanksgiving, it’s a time for reflection and a time to celebrate.. with food! But some things we eat and habits we have can harm our teeth and overall oral health. So let’s talk about some ways to be better this time around.

  1. Chewy Treats: This can include anything that gets stuck on your teeth. When the residue stays there, it can cause tooth decay and even take out fillings! If you must indulge (we won’t say anything) do it sparingly.
  1. Nuts: They’re tough to crack, literally. Don’t try to crack them with your teeth. It can cause serious damage to teeth and gums. Don’t want cracked teeth instead of nuts? Just use a nut sheller. Easy enough, right?
  1. Tools: Simple enough. Use tools to get things open, instead of your teeth. Things like packages, wrappers, or even bottles, use something other than your pearly whites.

Overall, there are many ways to keep your teeth safer this Thanksgiving. And we are thankful for you this season!

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