Review of the Colgate Hum ToothbrushOct 26 2022

I used the Colgate Hum for about a month and want to share my thoughts on it.


  1. It’s not super expensive. There are a few different models of the toothbrush. There’s a kids version, one with batteries, and one with a charger. There’s one for pretty much any price point, so it’s easily affordable.
  2. Multiple colors. You can choose from a few different colors so it matches your style.
  3. App. It comes with an app that keeps track of all your brushing sections, shows how you can improve and even has some games. Timer
  4. Kids options. There is a kid’s version of the toothbrush, which I think is really cool.


    1. Not really an automatic toothbrush. When I first got it, I thought it was more of an electric toothbrush. While it is electric, you still have to brush your teeth like a manual toothbrush. I personally like the more automatic toothbrushes.

    2. All mouths are different so teeth may have different angles. I have a hard time maintaining the 45 degree angle while I brush my teeth, but I wonder if it is just not tracking it the same way, because my teeth might be different than the average mouth.

Overall I think it’s a great toothbrush for anyone trying to improve on brushing their teeth. I may use it once in a while to remind myself on angles and see how much I miss when I brush .

Personally I like it a lot but I’m not as automatic as I would like. So i may not use it everyday like my sonic toothbrush. It is great for kids that learning to use a toothbrush.

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