There is no Little Shop of Horrors Here!Sep 22 2019

This comedy clip about a terrible dentist is great for a good laugh. Have no fear! Your visit to our Dental Office will certainly be nothing like this!

Don't you love that clip? Little Shop of Horrors is quite the classic and Steve Martin is hilarious!

Unlike the uncomfortable environment in this video Mark J. Warner DDS Inc. is a warm and inviting place.

Just as you work hard to make your home a clean and comfortable oasis from the hustle and bustle of you and your family's busy lives, we do the same at Dr. Warner's Dental Office . We have assembled a Dental Team who works daily to create not just another clinic, but instead a Dental Home that reflects your own.

All the best,

Mark J. Warner DDS Inc. “Life is Better with Great Teeth.”

Mark J. Warner DDS is a leading dentist in Fairfield, CA. Call Dr. Warner’s Dental office at 707-422-7633 to schedule your appointment today.

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