The Importance of Baby TeethMar 10 2018

Yes, they are temporary, but baby teeth have important jobs to do in those tiny mouths, and as such, need proper care.  Also called milk teeth, these little placeholders help the young child with chewing, speech development, and smiling.  They are the reason that babies can start eating solids, can pronounce the letter "t," and that parents take so many pictures as they come in one by one.

Another purpose for these cute little pearly whites is to provide space for permanent teeth to eventually grow.  The more space between these teeth, the better.  There are some indicators that a healthy diet contributes to the optimal spacing of these teeth.

Last but not least, they prevent permanent teeth from emerging too early, which could lead to misalignment and crowding.  Though this is not always the case, at least they indicate positioning for orthodontic care to commence if necessary.

One of the most important things to remember, though, is that if caries occur in baby teeth, they need to be treated promptly.  The only exception  to this is if the baby tooth is already loose and will fall out soon.

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