The Legend of the Halloween WitchOct 30 2019

Every year, millions of children go out trick-or-treating, bringing home an average of 22 pounds of candy each.  That is about the candy limit most experts recommend for one year.  What is a parent to do?

Some take it upon themselves to eat the candy for their children, a habit that is as ambitious as it is unhealthy.  Others steal their children's candy and hide it away, with the intent of bringing it out little by little as the "need" arises.  Still others allow their children to keep it, which they usually regret later.

If only they knew about the Halloween Witch!  This stealthy creature gives kids a few days after Halloween to feast upon their favorites.  Then, the rest of the candy is dumped together and left by the front door before bed.  By morning, the Halloween Witch has traded it for new toothbrushes and coloring books for all.

Of course, no one has ever seen the Halloween Witch.  But we can only imagine what she must look like.  Let's just say that she probably does not have very good teeth. We appreciate her, though, because she helps cut down on Halloween tooth decay.

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