The Main Causes of Gum Disease. What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You.Sep 06 2017

When it comes to healthy teeth, the gums are very important.  And keeping them disease-free is essential to keeping your teeth.  Gum disease is the main reason the people lose their teeth.  So what are the causes of gum disease and how can you keep your teeth healthy?  That is what we are here to tell you today.

  1.  The number one cause of gum disease is plaque.  That is the sticky stuff that forms on your teeth after you eat (especially with sugary foods) that make them feel "fuzzy."  Brushing your teeth only does half of the job of removing it, though.  You must also floss to remove plaque from the surfaces you can't see--especially the areas between the teeth.
  2.  Next comes crowding and teeth grinding.  If you can't get to parts of your teeth because they are too close together, you will have an increased risk of gum disease.  While having crowded teeth can be solved by orthodontic treatment, the trauma caused to your gums by grinding your teeth can be alleviated through the use of a night guard.
  3.  Finally, smoking and poor nutrition can cause problems with gum disease and beyond.  If you smoke or chew tobacco, you will automatically increase the amount on plaque on your teeth.  Not only that, but smoking decreases the amount of oxygen that can get to your gums.  Without oxygen, your gums cannot heal from even the smallest lesion.  Poor nutrition doesn't just mean eating too much processed foods.  It means not eating enough of the healthy, bone-strengthening foods that also keep your teeth strong.  Foods high in Vitamin D, K2, and C as well as good sources of calcium are essential to maintain healthy enamel on your teeth.

Now that you know what causes gum disease, you are better equipped to prevent tooth loss now or later in life.  The sooner you adopt healthy habits, the better off your smile will be!

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